Our Technology

About our Transmitter & Equipment
We are using the latest in satellite-to-space technology in sending your data into space. We are using a 6 meter (19.6 foot) parabolic reflector and very high power 500+ watt BUCs (block up-converters). We have automated the process whereby once you enter (or upload) the information you want immortalized, our computer technology encodes that data and couples it to a carrier wave that we believe is most likely to be noticed by any technologies that may exist beyond Earth in our Universe. This carrier wave with your data is then sent to our uplink facility and then out into space toward the stars.
Where in Space are you sending my message?
All messages are sent out into the Milky Way galaxy since that is where Earth is located. The transmission of your message begins its journey there on its way to other planets, solar systems, stars and even galaxies!
Why send a message into Space?
Sending a message into space can be done for many reasons. It can be a way to send out a greeting to some yet undiscovered extraterrestrial civilization. Even moreso, it can be a unique way to immortalize your words, thoughts, philosophy, photos, genealogy, songs, manuscripts, poems, or anything of personal value. We believe there is no better way to preserve information that is dear to you. Paper will eventually yellow and fall apart. CDs will deteriorate and become unuseable. Photos will fade and disintegrate. However, digitized information traveling in the vaccuum of space will go on forever and ever. It can even bounce off of an object and return to earth centuries or milleniums in the future! Imagine a great, great, great grandchild receiving an audio or video message directly from you and your family! How about a future genealogist capturing a biography direct from you -- their ancestor from 20 generations in the past!

Another reason to send a message or data into space -- a gift. What a great, unique gift to give a loved one, friend, or important co-worker. You're giving them a gift of immortality. What could be a better gift to give? Since we cannot give physical immortality, making words, thoughts, pictures, and/or sounds immortal is the next best thing! Immortalize that graduate's speech, or those wedding day pictures, or that son's or daughter's poetry. The possibilities are endless!

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Printable full-page Certificates of Interstellar Transmission are created and made available for download for every message sent. They are in PDF format and will be emailed to you upon transmission of your message. Additional certificates and plaques are also available to be shipped to you or a person of your choosing upon ordering.