Now anyone can transmit their very own messages into space!

Learn More About Our Space-Age Communications Technology. Because of the way we are transmitting your words, pictures, voice, sounds, music, thoughts, philosophy, etc., you can be assured that this information is traveling at light-speed (186,000 miles per second!) towards the far corners of our universe. Your information can travel billions and billions of miles in a relatively short time. Imagine your personal message extending far beyond our solar system into the vastness of space, perhaps to arrive at a distant planet and be intercepted by an alien civilization who lives there! Sending your own message into space can be done for many reasons. It can be a way to send out a greeting to some yet undiscovered extraterrestrial civilization. Even more so, it can be a unique way to immortalize your words, thoughts, philosophy, photos, genealogy, songs, or anything of personal value. We believe there is no better way to preserve information that is dear to you. Paper will eventually disintegrate. CDs and DVDs will break down and deteriorate and become unusable. Photos will yellow and fade away. However, digitized information traveling in the vacuum of space will continue on forever and ever. For yourself, or as a gift, there may be no better opportunity for immortality. When your signal is sent into space with our equipment, it can travel virtually forever! That means it can eventually cover trillions and trillions of miles and continue for eons! This will make whatever you send essentially immortal. Imagine -- immortality finally achieved! A thousand years from now your message could reach a civilization in a place we are not even aware of today. Who knows? Your very thoughts or philosophy could be a revelation that saves a planet or society! Imagine the possibilities.